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Monday, April 25, 2011

Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain.

Now, I feel like writing about my family. As some friends know, I have two mothers;  a late mother and a step-mother. Somehow, it feels sad to lose a mother. (Nobody likes it, of course) Some other time, I would be thankful for what had happened to me, with all sweet memories with my mother and with some other ugly memories too.  However, we know that  life is up and down. And somehow, we know that life is fair. Most importantly, Allah is absolutely Fair and Wise. Thus, I as a weak servant, need to make myself fully prepared with what He will take in the future.  As a motivation, I always tell myself that whatever happens,  it’s  to make us strong. And that’s the way of how to smile and not to frown.

Yes, by having other kind of family (sebelah adik-beradik tiri), they are all opposite to us, in terms of characters. How can I say it? It’s like totally different, and you HAVE TO SUIT yourself into their characters. Kind of adaptation. You think it’s easy? Try it yourself then. You will know that you’ll be crying all day long! :p

But, I know, after some heavy rain, there will be rainbow that will shine to me. Then, there will be  a bright sun smiles to me too, to tell me to wake up and fight for better days ahead! J

P.s  1: Not so much of a family, but I’m satisfied that I have let it go here. hehe
P.s 2:  Have bought Domo keychain today! Yay! I know it’s lame. Lambat.  -.-‘’
P.s 3: The fever is getting better. But still batuk-batuk.   T__T  syafakillah ya Sarah.


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