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Sunday, April 17, 2011

CUTE. That's all :D

raise up your hands in class. Feel brave like him :D

awwww cuteeeee :)
mother ; is the best woman on earth. :')
In Islam, a Woman is always under the care of someone. When she’s young, she’s under the care of her parents. When she’s married, she’s under the care of her husband. And when she’s old, she’s under the care of her children. These are her guardians and worldly protectors. Look at how Allah takes care of them from birth till death.  :')


Please be happy. You know, the prettiest woman is the one who is the prettiest on earth :D

sorry for the picture. -__-'' but please focus on the saying :)

FYI, I'll be going back to Gombak on 1st May. We'll see if I'll be missing home or not. -_-''
And, hopefully, I'll be sincere enough to go for Baktisiswa. :p
For those who have five months of holiday, I wanna say this:


Goodbye. and take care! :)


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