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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Smile,. Life is not bad. it's just on how you make it positive. :)

Sarah Saadi is totally having a hectic life now, for she will only get to her room at almost midnight, which you can see the clock is ticking near to 12 o'clock at night. Drama performance is done; Everyman. :)
 Now, she is busy with AGD stuff in Steadfast. She has been selected as a secretary, and currently busy with proposal paper that she was at first, "what the heck am I going to do my job? Can I do the job? Can i carry that responsibility?"  T__T she was lost at first, but now, I guess, she is fine because her friends always make her smile :)

She knows that there is no more new followers of her blog, because she cannot pretend like she's busy, because she is, realy really busy with her life. so, it's a seldom-updates. Sometimes, she even forget to call her parents, because she gets to her room almost midnight, and most of her familly members already slept. T__T
To call in the morning or evening, the family will be busy. Then, what she can do, is only talk to her dad who sleeps late . XD I LOVE YOU ABAH! xoxo

And, that is what her life involves for the time being. She gets tension most of the time, but finally succeed to overcome the problems. Life is easy. Life wont make it complicated,as long as you think it's positive.

Sarah is fine. She asks prayers from everyone. :)
ILY. (:

so, dont forget to smile. :)

p.s: feel so much calmness to post this entry. take care guys. :D Sila LIKE! XD

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