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Saturday, February 19, 2011

the whole tiring and busy week. but, some excitement is still there. :)

Salam people.I know that I should apologize to you on how long I have left my blog with no latest entries. Hehe. Sincerely sorry okay? How I wish I can go to Celcom and give a big punch to their stuff, on how on hellooo my broadband connection is damn slow. *sigh* What we can do is, keep all the entries that u wanna post to your draft, and make them as your UNPUBLISHED collection of entries. Haihhh~
To people who still read my blog, thank you. (:

So, here are my summaries of what I had done before, in this whole tiring week.
Okay, let me list them out roughly.  Just some can be listed, I guess. You know that I am easily forgetting things. Hehe. Well, basically as an English student, some of u might know that I am entirely and completely busy with drama training. We will be performing drama or we call it as acting aka 'berlakon'. Hehe. And, there are about 15 characters in our play titled Everyman. Thanks to all group mates for teaching me how to polish more on acting. J Kiko and Rabab are the main characters, since they have among the longest script to be memorized. Hehe. Chaiyyook! We know that Kiko is busy with her theatre too.  All the best kiko!

Secondly, to tell you how happy I am, I went to Janda Baik this evening. Well, I should say that it was yesterday.  So you know that we went there for almost four hours. There is not so much food, hehe, but I know that I have been so much happy before having my mood goes down like this. T.T
(don’t worry, I’m smiling) J
 Friends like Iwa, Lina, Ejah, Sya, Liya and Nad were so much kind hearted people for inviting me to join them. Thank you! Nanti nak gi lagi eh?  *muka tak malu*
Iwa looks like a momma to feed her baby (s).  XD

sengal-ness happens. I dont know why. HAHA

i love you girls!  xoxo
ye.memang lapar tadi. tapi sampai sekarang kenyang makan roti ni.
tu pasal belum sentuh nasik. hehe
Iwa macam Ibu. anak2 tengah tunggu makanan. haha

Okay okay, this is the most exciting part! Hehe. I have jogged to make A FULL CIRCLE of UIA in the middle of night. (it is exciting because I can fight the laziness in myself.hehe) We end up at 12. 40 am, if I’m not mistaken. Whoa! Aku dah lama tak buat kerja gila-gila camni. Hehe. Called my dad. He said, “ tak bahaya ke jogging malam2?” I answered, “tak pe abah. Ni jogging ramai2. he said: ''Kalau abah dulu, jogging masa lepas subuh“. Dalam hati, “alamakk susah nak bangun lepas solat la Abah. Haha”
Kan best kalau lepas jogging, terus kurus kan? Haha. Aku berangan nak camtu. Memang heaven tak hingat. Hehe

Okay, maybe that’s enough for a moment. Wish you dear readers  with His blessing for the days ahead. J

p.s: pagi pagi ni perut lapar gila nyanyi lagu dondang sayang. Haihhh. Memang belum makan lagi hari ni.
I mean, belum sentuh nasik laa. Saya orang Malaysia, makanan ruji ialah nasi. Yang sedap. XD

Okay babai. Selamat malam dari Malaysia untuk anda (:


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