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Friday, February 4, 2011

Among the annoying things happen around!

Just got something to say here. Dont flirt on Facebook. You make me annoyed, ok? And I'm seriously can't wait  to see you guys apart! HAHAHA *evil laugh* haha. ok, joke. But please, stop that. You make people annoyed with all corny comments and stuff. Hell yeah, you make me among annoyed people too! #$%%^

to all smokers all over the world, please, please, please, stop that habit! You know that you're killing yourselves?? You are nodding?? Right. And now, go to clinics around you to check if you still have lungs in a good condition. Okay? Seriously, I was imagining like you put a knife on your neck and, YOU DIE!
*scratches face* =.='' But yeah, this is sick! *angry tone of voice*

 #$$%%^$$##^*(()&^^^  (show some more violence in my blog) lol
(Maybe I'm getting angry because I cant tell this in front of all smokers. So, here is how it goes. sorry. But I'm satisfied! hah. haha. hahaha.)  *laughing a lot to show my satisfaction.* MUAHAHA.


to all my fans friends on Facebook, especially guys (or male), please, do not flirt on FB. Seriously, I was sick everytime I get new people asking me this and that. I was sick, because some would say, "eeii sombongnye awaaak. Tak pernah pun nak balas kat saya."  *muntah hijau*
 You know that I'm busy?? Pfffft! >,<''
Konon la kan? But yes, I am busy while you're asking me questions, so I was like "what the h**k you want from meeeeehhh?" oh sorry, but this is just to give right for myself. Okay je kan? terima kasih. :)
sometimes, I dont even reply them! Peace yaww! ^^,

Hey, I'm not being arrogant or cruel, but please, we do not know each other, but IDK why I have approved you. Will delete you later. Hehe. Ade orang terasa? Sorry. If you are among UIAMs, maybe I dont really mind. But, see the time and place lah. Sorry if this is hurting some people. Maybe it's not you. -.-''

Uh, right. Including all strangers. T___T

Line and connection from Celcom make me sick! Yeah, I'm tired of connect the line again and again. *sigh*
'thank you',  Celcom! I will be loyal to you more and more. =.=''


and next?

It's time to release these anger and stay calm watching tv. Right?  Hehe.
And yeah, am going back to UIA by tomorrw night. Ughhhhhh!! *screams into pillow, pulling hair*

Waiting for some more stories! Gotta go! :)

bye! :)


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