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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

. Undefined Feelings .

when im in a world of human,
people see me as a weird girl,
as the one who make people laugh at,
as the one who make people put their anger at.

i have no idea how myself was supposed to be,
what i know is only life is sad,
life is beautiful,
life is what it is suppoesed to be.

but now? how?
how am i going to live?
with people who kill u silently,
with people who make u smile only on face,
and not in heart.
how? you tell me. can you?

like how the rainblow is colourful,
like how sun shines to the earth,
like how a girl smiles,
give me  that smile so that i can paint the world.

people, dont you know that you are killing each other?
dont you know that you are what your minds are?
dont you know that your face speaks your mind?
life will put you in hell, or heaven,
we both know.
decide yourself.

p.s: undefined feelings. pardon me. -__-' Sila LIKE! XD

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