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Friday, October 8, 2010

. The Call .

There is one girl that has PMS all the time. So, she always (most of the time) end up some sweet talk with a frown face. Then , the boy called her. She picks up her phone, and hasn’t talked even a single word, because she wants the boy to talk to himself. So, the boy asked her,  ‘’can you please talk?’’ She wonder and wants to see if the man can stand with her childish. Then the man just continuosly talk and never stop. (yes, he paused for a few minutes to take a breath). The girl never realised that the man has called her for more than one hour, and she hasn’t utter a word. Isn’t it great? *perli*
At last, she hang up the call and a few minutes later, she feels so much regret. One call is made.

The boy: hello?

The girl:  im sorry .  bye.

The boy: *wondering face over the phone*

-       p.s:   Today is such a sad day. weekend needs to be fulfilled with activities. So that some mood can be gained. Nampaknye kena kawen dgn lelaki nama MAHMUD baru selalu ada MUD. :DDDD


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