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Saturday, September 18, 2010

. My girlfriends complete me.

salam people. here i am, back to where i'd be. haishhh my mood ruined. and now, i really hope that you guys wont get affected by my mood. well, nothing to say. i just wanna share my lovely moments what i've had had yesterday. what i  have is only some pictures to feast ur eyes. so, let them talk by themselves ^.^

we went to Ezat's house (fourth from left)
aein, dahiyah, sibah, ezat, husna and sarah :)

yes, gonna miss them much!

                              this should be a cover for an album called "sepohon kayu''. kan3?

"aku meme dey make tok cagho kokre doh.'' kih3 XD

                                                       YAH GEDIK, AIN MACHO. HAHA
                                  (Raya , tapi pergi raya di shopping mall., boleh?)

Anak sape laaa rajin sangat nii? ;p ;p

                       heyy hello people! lapa sebab kuar dari rumah dgn perut kosong .hueh3

air sedap gilaaa! sebab memang haus gilaaa! huhuhu ^.^ thanks Izat!
(okay. nama sebenar Ezzat ialah Izzati!hik3)

okaylah. i need to stop. bye2 guys! take care! :)

ohh before that, i have this to share. and if im not mistaken, it was my Fb status.huhu

"i think, i dont need A bestfriend but I need BESTFRIENDS who can be with me
 in thick and thin of life.if you think you are my friend, do remember that my little prayer
is always with you. I LOVE YOU.'' :)



irrihannanur90 said...

sweet sgt dear..
tenx~ :)

DahiYah said...

saye awk jugok!! muahhcx!!

Sarah_Saadi said...

ain: i know.hehe. thanks dear :)
and u're much sweeter :)

yah: saye awop banyok2 lagi ehhh ^.^