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Saturday, September 4, 2010

. the love is there.

u dont know how much u meant to me,
u dont know how much this heart is bleeding,
u dont know how much the heart is melting,
u dont know how much love is growing.

but hey,
the love is not that strong anymore,
how i wish it just break,
but i know i cant live without it,
because my heart is in you.

you, yes, you,
there is not any other man, 
but it is you.
yes, the only you.

dear you,
do you know how the stream flows?
because the stream flows like how the tears drop onto my cheeks,
as how the heart is bleeding inside there.

it is okay,
take a deep breath,
let's see if we can change the world,
because i know there is nothing impossible.
but for the love to lose also is not possible.

dear you, 
i remember you still.,
and i care about you still,
because i know the love is there still.

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