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Thursday, May 6, 2010

. My Mama Is a Health-Taker! .


people, i have just,,err..woke up. haha
then, straightly open up laptop and etc? haha.
silly me.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com *tutup telinga sebelum korang boo!*

actually, the point to be addressed in this post, is to say
something horridly funny when i was a children.
my childhood was so much fun and funny i guess!
during the old times, me and my mother were so close.
we look like siblings.haha. because my mother look so young.
you know what? she was such a health taker who really
cares about healthy food, exercise and etc.
so there you are. her children too!
you want to know the rules?(or HER RULES?)

1) never ever cold water and ice in a refrigerator.

2) after take meals , you must eat vegetables!
(my childhood, i used to eat cucumber with nothing beside it.
but, until now, i dont like to eat tomato even i TRIED to eat it passionly!haha)blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

3) you must read books with a good condition of lamp.
the light must be good enough for you to read, to TAKE CARE of your eyes!)blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

4) you must watch tv with a suitable distance, not to close and not to far.
as good as you can see it clearly and do not distract your lovely eyes! :)

5) have a good time in a garden, get yourself surronuded with beautiful flowers is
so lovely and fantastic, right? ah. its heaven! mama,,, this is so precious!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

6) other types of rice is ONLY SERVED on friday.
after my father back from Jumaat prayer!
oh.its Nasi Lemak by the way.
(you know its too full with calories and everything right?
so, its only once a week)

err..i think these six is good enough to be practised, eventough
there are still a lot more!
i miss you, mama!

p.s: get so much exciting to imagine that i were a kid again .
yay me!!!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
*running excitingly until you are stopped by the wall of your house!haha.

imagine that i was this young. can i?
*my dad already dumped the doll ! :(
malaikat tak masuk. (errrr)

dulu sombong dan bongkak gile aku tanak naik kereta ni,.
pastu, asked my dad to park the car, jauh jauuuh dari tadika.
haha.maaf zahir batin abah! XD

this is my awesome family angkat.(adopted?)
emm.. ni semua abang2 angkat saya.
sekarang separuh dah kahwin, dan semuanya hensem2..
(ada hati suka diorang ke cik Sarah?) ngeeee~
sebab diorang ada kening lebat. weee~ ^^Y

but, the reality is this! huhu~

you are tweeeeeenteeeeen lagi! haha

after played bowling, get some pictures to be snapped.
(ilah, kash, mok jah and me)
miss you, girls! (:

azzah merajuk dengan bola, sebab dah target akn masuk longkang! haha.
ampuuuuuunkan aku weh :))
lagi sorang yang tengah melihat itu masih yakin yang bola dia
boleh merempuh boling tersebut!hik2 (aku larr)

:: lets learn Kelantanese language::

this photo was grabbed from my fb friend, because she tagged me.
haha. is this really exist?? haha.
Kelantanese must know this!

oh i think its enough to stop me to go further.
by the way, my comment moderation is already fixed,
so you guys can leave some comments over there.
i do appreciate it!
thanks to Syed and Amalina for being "pengkomen setia beta".
ngahaha.. thanks korang! peace out, buddies! :)



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