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Sunday, April 25, 2010

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hey, i really am in confusion right now. i really dont know how to express my feeling. its just some mixed feeling
that make me cannot express it. sometimes, i need to make myself happy, but at the same time, it comes to sadness too every time my heart feels the loneliness. T__T

this evening, when i went to one of a big mosque at Kubang Kerian (kelantanese must know this place), i told my dad that i need to go to ladies. at the same time, i also know that my dad will come back to me, to fetch me back. but then , after all, i cant find my dad. i was like screaming with all i can, and feel like punching people in front of me. including men! grrr! the mixed feeling felt when i just realized that i dont have my phone with me.how to call daddy then??? =___=
for your info, i've been traumatized with the lost of my phone. i have felt it thousand timesonce T__T
So now, every time i dont have my phone with me, and feel like lost it, i really need to be that panic, like i REALLY LOST my valuable stuff, especially my love phones. :'(

i was just strolling back and forth to circle the BIGGG mosque! to find daddy.
i tried to calm myself and counted till ten, besides ask forgiveness from Him ;'(
and, there was no public phones at all besides the mosque! now i know the significance of public phones when we really need them! well, the predicted one, i cried. haha. *blushing*
hey, dont laugh kids!

when i calmed myself out, i tried to find another way of being a saviour to Sarah Saadi :)
so, there you are! aku tahan teksi dan tak payah tunggu ayah! :P
luckily, there were some cheques and thousands   of coins   money in my pocket. then , below ten minutes of waiting, it brought  me to Lundang. there was one joke.

the pak cik teksi asked me,
 "young girl, you're going to LONDON?"
So, i said, "jauh sangat la pak cikkk.saya Lundang je." ;DDD

so, there you are. i succeed to reach the destination and call abah to tell me where i was.

ah okay. sudah malas nak taip lagi. cerita bersambung untuk episod seterusnya. lalala~
kita brjumpa lagi di tv3 bersama saya, Sarah Saadi pada waktu, hari dan jam yang sama. bye2. assalaamualaikum~
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