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Sunday, April 18, 2010

. All The Feeling Matters .


People, I've just read all the comments for my status in Facebook.
Thanks to all my friends for paying concern.
I've just recovered from fever. (but now, im having a sore throat and cough)
*tapi xde la tersembur camni. ish*

Absolutely, there must be some reasons for acting like this, right?
I've just noticed that I was sooo down and
have been so moody for a few days.
I'm sorry for feeling like fooling myself out.
ugh. silly me.


you know what?
my body felt soo aching (all parts of body,
especially legs and below),
felt like have been kicking, tortured,while I was sleeping.
(hey, who did that??this cruel??).

i was just sleeping a lot,
and have not smiling like I used to be. *sigh*
for dinner, i just take some mushroom soup(nyum2!),
and some biscuits. sedih tak? adoyaii...

just now, i have succeed to open my muet book,


for about TWO PAGES!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

to be honest, it's two text only. haha

alright, got to back to work and re-open the book.
come on Sara, this only last until this Saturday!
don't regret later! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

P.s: Thanks for all friends for paying so much concern.
i was still touched.
you guys are so sweet!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
yes, i wanna live alone, but i can't live with youuu!

sorry for putting too much emoticons. haha.

note to the person: a lot of doa to Him.
I'll be by your side. good luck for your finals! :)

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