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Saturday, February 6, 2010

. L.o.v.e is c.i.n.t.a .

I love him and I’m just being me who turns up to be more mature than you ever know.HAHA. Pagi tadi, I washed two pails of clothes. So, I congrats myself who are soo “RAJIN” basuh baju. ( Padahal simpan dan kumpul banyak-banyak.HAHA).

Oh,I’ve just read Izzah Hanim’s blog.Ah,I remember when u make a joke and I can’t help myself laughing.You are so funny Izzah.haha. now i know that you are one of my stalkers!haha.And, I know how Asyraq know you.haha.tak paham?IGNORE…hehe. ;D

Btw,I’m happy because ALLLLL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS WERE FINISHED! YAY ME! (sangat bahagia sekarang) ;D

Oh. I thank “him” too for making me happy today. We cannot “onlining” because of our hectic life. Te amour, mon amour. ( I don’t care kalo ada orang nk mengumpat kat belakang buat masa sekarang.ok?):P

Yeah,I gotta go! Kerje banyak menanti J Thanks to people around me who stand behind my back..I LOVE YOU GUYS! J

P/S: Sayang semmua orang! ^_^ Wish me luck with my Final Examination.

Cuakkkk….Bye2.Take care everybody! :)


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