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Saturday, January 30, 2010

. A Lot and A Lot and H-E-C-T-I-C .

H-E-C-T-I-C, or can we replace it with B-U-S-Y, is actually two terms that make me cannot breathe easily.Oh GOD, it’s hard, man. Please tell me not to think much about it. (-.- “) Well, yes, last few days and few weeks really make me as a tough person (or student) , who needs to think positively and keep on breathing since father or “abah” was giving me a call to say some motivational words. Yes, so many things happened to me on the previous weeks. My God, Allah the Almighty and the Most gracious, thanks so much for making me alive and still survive and not making myself crazy.haha. (can you see the boooooks??)

By the way, I don’t mind if people want me to erase their task that has been completed. Ah. It’s great! It’s the time of relaxation since those are the things that make me and my friends worried about. ;D

Ok.let me show off to some of you who want to know what were the previous tasks.LOL.

Here you are ;-

1) IRK presentation ( got a very exciting day to be mentioned, because we are praised a lot by Madam Isfadiah. Have uploaded the video to the facebook already.hehe)

2) - Linguistics presentation – Gender speech ( prepare me to the marriage time) :P

3) - CCT Presentation ( oh. one more is waiting. Course Module. Aaaaa..! can I cry now? ;( )

4) - BMW Presentation and assignment and research.

5) - Poetry quizzes are done!! ;D

Yes, majority of them are done. Yes! Alhamdulillah. Yay me!! ;D

Now, I treat myself to get online and update my blog.hehe :)

:::marriage time.haha(tetiba je):::

Dear Mr. Blog, (oh.it looks like the spelling of FROG.HAHA) :p Actually, today was a blast of joyful day for me because I have finished a lot of assignments and tasks. For today, I have finished the Poetry Exhibition. Thus, I wanna thank everybody including Miss Hanita Hanim, Nor Amalina Noor Zami, Nur Fadhilah Ibharim and Amira Latif in lending your hands in finishing this task .. Mmuah! *hugs and kisses for you guys* ;D You guys are so much helpful. I like that!

:: We are from group5. Thanks to Fella for the glitters that making it soo cute!!::

:: This are Fella and Qawy. Can you see the difference?? HAHA ::

Thanks to all the supporters. Love you all!

Miss Hanita said, " Oh. I feel honoured, ladies".
- since she was the first who gives the signature. :)

:: Our group consist of Sara, Fella, Mel and Mira ::

Mel was trying hard to push herself to remember the script.hehe

Theseeeee are some past activities that I enjoyed as the time flies so fast. Love it much! ;D

. Mahallah Sports Day.

. People,. I was the winner for "main tuju guli".hehe

:: At hulu Bendul. Time of relaxation. Yeah!! ;D

It's time to say Goodbye~~

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