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Thursday, November 5, 2009

..:: L.I.F.E::..

Those are books that I have purchased.The last and thin one is extremely expensive!
RM30 man...Didnt tell my abah yet :(
Well,it is JUST.Just because you did not do it well.,so you have to struggle more. OK sarah?
Abah has just called me yesterday and I was like,think of it again again and again.
It is all sudden that I feel his love.It is not that I dont feel his love,but this love at the moment make me feel like crying. Dear Allah,protect them Missing them in here so very much!! T_T
The message that he sent to me really made me feel touching and I cried to read it for twice.It sounds,all the sadness,wealth and all the gift from God would not come without it's own purpose.And that made me really sad because he knows that I am sad without telling him. Is that amazing?? :D
I dont know.Maybe,cause,I can feel the instinct of a father who knows everything about his children.Including me,Kak Ngah=)


Is all about happiness and sadness..
I dont know how my life would end without you, Allah The Almighty..
I dont know how i would guide my myself without your guidance,..
And I dont even know how the sadness can turn to,without my friends..

I have been almost four semesters in Nilai..
I already sat for my exams,..
But,this is not good enough..
What I can do is only make some effort and pray to ALLAH,..
And hopefully,would be the flying colour result..
I believe in ALLAH..

For me,life is always great with ALLAH on my side,
with ALLAH to take care of me,
with ALLAH to make me smile even in sadness,
So that I can cheer up my day.
Life,life and life.
May ALLAH bless me..AMIIN..



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